Why choose us?
We've been where you are. We know you want wood that burns without the pricetag of bundled wood . 
                              There's something about a sitting in front of your firepit or fireplace that is very relaxing. Why ruin that experience with a dishonest company. Through our own experiences we have found that with firewood you often do not get what you pay for. We have found many of our customers have had the same experience. Many firewood operations do not give an honest cord or try to sell green wood as seasoned.  
       We pride ourselves on being different than the other guys. We are not tree guys, nor is this our primary source of income. We split our wood months before we would even consider calling it seasoned. We also believe in giving customers the amount that they pay for. If you are interested in getting the personal professional treatment that you deserve, call us. We are a two man team that wants your business. We prefer repeat customers and referrals over the quick buck. Take a minute to check out or the rest of this site. For more information please contact us




What is hardwood
  Hardwoods cover a large variety of species. They are usually broad leafed deciduous trees such as oak, maple, ash and sycamore. These are the predominant species that we process for firewood. Species such as willow, poplar, pine and cedar.are examples of softwoods. While softwoods can be used it is not favored among users due to creosote buildup in the chimney.   


What is Seasoned wood
    Seasoned wood is wood that has lost most of its water content. This can be arrived at by various means. We cut and split our wood months ahead of demand to allow the sun and wind to dry out the wood. Typical moisture content for seasoned wood is about 20 to 25%. Wood with higher water content will smoke or will not stay lit.
    Why tell you this? We are confident in our product because we use it ourselves and want you to be confident about your purchase.

Bayshore, NY